About us

The best way to enjoy new experiences is when you save money while doing it.
DiscountByHour is an application for your aid where you can look for extravagant discount deals at your favourite restaurants, spa, gym, bar, retail stores, movie talkies, travel destinations and at many more premises. Take a glance in the app to know which of these places have availed discounts at which hour of the day. Save money in discount hours on your total bill and get more out of it. DiscountByHour is transparent as there are no advance purchases, appointment bookings or any other hidden fees. Simply get a percentage of discount on your total bill in that particular hour. With DiscountByHour, plan where you and your friends want to go and hang out, as DiscountbyHour shows you hourly discount offers for the future as well. Download DiscountByHour, it preserves our pocket.

More customers during slow hours.

DiscountByHour is a solution for business owners to get more customer buzz during slow hours. On DiscountByHour app, business owners have full freedom to give out discounts on an hourly basis, there are no charges to upload discount coupons. DiscountByHour helps build customer relationship by getting feedback from discount trends. DiscountByHour is free to use and we take no commissions from the sales you make. It’s completely yours, neither it charges fees to upload discount coupons. You have complete liberty to choose how much discount to give and in which hour the discount is redeemable. Moreover, business owners can plan discount lineups for the future, giving them the capability to plan and strategize their business model. Business owners also get to know their customers who redeem any discount from their premises on the previous occasion, allowing them to segregate and understand regular customers. This brings in complete control of business trends, customer experience, and endeavours more line of work thereby bringing more income into the premises. Download DiscountByHour and invigorate a customer base beyond thresholds.