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5 Common problems Restaurants face
  1. Capital

    1. Starting a restaurant business is not a very cheap proposition.

    2. Along with the operations cost one also have to look at the estate prices and locations.

    3. Even If you solidified your budget, you may not be able to begin operation as soon as you hoped.

    4. Because your premises in under constant stress of getting customer and having none.

    5. For that it is important for restaurant entrepreneurs to have at least enough money to run for the first year even if a business doesn’t seem in a mood of generating profit.

    6. Additionally, restaurant owners must have enough financial reservoirs to sail around with cost fluctuations and uninformed increases.

  2. The Menu

    1. A good menu is a balancing act, Not too many or too few menu items.

    2. Menu must be clear without any confusion but yet it must describe the good food they sell.

    3. Don’t have everything you can make into your menu just for the sake of “We can cook it all”. Pick up a handful of things, and do them really good.

    4. Stick to your cuisine, theme and reflect that on your menu.

    5. These are the following things one must consider while designing the menu

      1. Follow a good typography.

      2. Themes and colors that match your restaurant’s style are your friends.

      3. Are there enough items on the menu?

      4. Are the dishes priced in accordance?

    6. Menu must be updated regularly and restaurants must adapt to trends.

  3. Management

    1. Essential part of every business, one cannot overlook Management issues in a restaurant.

    2. Being effective and efficient is a primary dogma of Restaurant managers.

    3. Analyzing the daily operations and sales of your restaurant, staff worker’s activity levels, business backend, inventory management, customer experience and satisfaction. It all depends on management.

    4. A well lubricated management will result into free and less chaotic restaurant ambience; customers don’t want to hear Chef John’s grill dysfunction, panicked host Jeffrey and finally witness Sally’s breakdown because of bad working environment. Not a good sight.

    5. Good management will result in a very harmonic work flow.

  4. Poorly Trained Staff  

    1. The single most destroyer of any customer’s time is a well trained staff in “how to ruin customer experience by neglecting common sense”.

    2. This accounts

      1. Staff who greet guests with “how many?” rather than proper welcome.

      2. Looks bored.

      3. Sloppy uniform, bad body odor, poor presentation.

      4. Bringing personal opinions like dislikes, behaviors, timings, etc.

      5. Treating customers like their pal; Eating in a restaurant is a business transaction, not a budding friendship-being polite and welcoming is more professional.

      6. Not knowing menu and having no knowledge about popular items, favorite dishes; Suggestive selling is an important skill for servers.

      7. Reviving the good boy spirit in them during tip. Consistency is welcomed by all customers, but everyone will hate the server who remains passive the entire session and suddenly bounces up with “peter-pan in the neverland” type of charisma when its bill time.

      8. Chef who microwaves. No hate on microwaves, a good technology, but using it to cook $100 steak; bad chef; worst.

    3. All those things similar in Kitchen Nightmare Episodes.

    4. Make sure you’re hiring and training the right staff.

  5. Customer Fluctuations

    1. Restaurants are very bipolar; sometimes it can be a very chaotic place whilst on some other day “A few hours later”.

    2. For your restaurant to retain the hustle and bustle, it has to be the best in all departments. The food has to be good, service is delightful, ambience is great, workflow and internal operations must be very smooth and functioning.

    3. But still restaurants faces problem in beginning stages, to form that thick reliable customer base, the restaurant first needs to be recognized, and people must come to the premises first.

    4. Well there are ways to mitigate this problem, restaurants have adopted by giving discount hours, happy hours, orchestra timings and additional benefits like free offers.

    5. If restaurants plan out to give discounts and have special offers it is a good way to get few people come into the restaurant. But organizing discount is still a work to do and yet letting people know about the offer is another task in checklist,

    6. Discount By Hour is just the app for this, it is a platform where discounts are defined by restaurants, the up siege is restaurants can smartly plan all their discounts according to their business analytics. Discounts are HOURLY, that means discount actually has a lifespan that management decide.

    7. Decide the hour and offer, upload on discount by hour.